What’s a Facebook Messenger Bot and Why You Need It

Facebook Messenger Bot Latest in AI Technology The latest mobile tech trend is software that pretends to be a person you can message through your preferred instant messaging platform. Many businesses and brands are swarming to Facebook Messenger bots —attracted by Facebook’s enormous user base—to engage with and service their customers who use messenger. Messenger bots are becoming the best way to communicate trumping even email. What are Facebook messenger…


Facebook Marketing Changes: Will It Hurt?

Facebook Marketing

  Facebook Marketing Changes You Must Know About In case you haven’t heard, Facebook Marketing has changed again and has many Social Media Managers completely changing their marketing strategies. Mark Zuckerberg announced January 11th, more changes to Facebook in an effort to improve customer experience. Many entrepreneurs and business people are freaking out over this change as it seriously affects how a business will now market on Facebook. The goal…


Can Your Facebook Page Get You More Customers?

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  Can your Facebook Page get you more business and customers? Having a Facebook Page for your business is not new, but maybe you maybe wondering if you really can help your business grow and get more customers by using a page. There’s a lot of power on your Facebook Page that you may not even be aware of. First of all, Facebook is easily accessible on every smart phone…