Can Your Facebook Page Get You More Customers?

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Can your Facebook Page get you more business and customers?

Having a Facebook Page for your business is not new, but maybe you maybe wondering if you really can help your business grow and get more customers by using a page. There’s a lot of power on your Facebook Page that you may not even be aware of.

First of all, Facebook is easily accessible on every smart phone and people hang out there.  There are Billions of people spending time daily on Facebook.

Even better, these are people who want what you offer. You just have to meet them and they have to meet you but Facebook makes that really easy to do through targeted marketing.

News Flash:  People aren’t spending time on Facebook to be sold anything or specifically buy. Do interactions there lead to sales, you bet. It isn’t the main reason for spending time on Facebook. People want to be entertained and/or educated.

It’s important to not just be pitching your products or services on Facebook but making people aware of what you have while entertaining them or teaching them something.

You can develop and nurture an unlimited fan base of followers. Think about your favorite musician, actor, athlete and you’ll understand the capability of a page. (profiles are limited to 5000 friends)

You can create and share content that leads a fan back to your website, your hub.


What kinds of business can benefit from having a Facebook Page?

Here are some businesses we’ve been working with successfully and increased customers, business, and sales by simply optimizing their Facebook Page using some obvious strategies as well as some ninja ones our team utilizes, and working with them to achieve their business goals.

Dessert shops
Insurance agency
Flooring company
Carpet Cleaning
Cell phone/computer repair
Martial Arts
Herb Shoppe
Travel Company
House Painting
Horseback riding
Insectectarium (insect museum)
Limo service
Water filtration
Kitchen/Bath Showroom/renovation
Dance Studio
Paddle Board Shop
Retail Vitamin Shop
T-Shirt Shop

Is your business on this list?  If not, No worries.  Let’s Chat and see if and how we can help you. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how creative we can be in helping your scale your business.

Please note: What we do here isn’t going to work for EVERY business model (MLM, Network Marketing, Direct Sales) but we’ve been able to make it work for pretty much all the rest.

How Can We Help With Facebook Page Marketing?

~ #1 We save YOU time.  Marketing using your page has to be consistent. You can’t just be posting something every 6 months and expecting business to grow. It’s also important to engage with people and be social.  We know most business owners don’t have the time for that. It IS time consuming.

~ #2 We use Facebook’s amazing and innovative tools to find and grow your local customers. With BILLIONS of users on Facebook, your page can help you tap into the people looking for exactly what you offer.  You just have to know how to use those tools, like ads.

~ #3 We brand you and your unique company. No cookie cutter stuff here. We use images (often right from your website) and customize them to be congruent with your brand.  Sure, there are a LOT Of business pages on Facebook but that doesn’t mean you can’t stand out in the crowd.

~ #4. We engage with the people that engage with your content. Including negative comments if they happen.  A big part of social media is the being social part and that means actually engaging with people who comment.

~ #5. We show you how to capitalize on the check in and event features on Facebook. Events are powerful and we can make an event out of just about everything and you may not be aware of the incredible viral nature of using events and check-in for your business.

~ #6. We use a proven posting strategy to build likes fast, ensure posts are relevant to the page, and keep new visitors engage with following posts. What we do works and we have some case studies and testimonials.  We also aren’t afraid to admit if something isn’t working and we modify until it does.

~ #7. We properly use boosting of posts to the proper audience to get engagement and interaction.  This may not sound like much, but there somewhat of an art and/or strategy to this.

~ #8. and so much more!


We PROVE we can help your business by offering a Free Facebook Page makeover and 1 week of marketing ($300 value).

Free Facebook Page Makeover

Look, we know you may be skeptical.  We know there are tons and tons of businesses out there promising to work miracles with your page and you may not know who to trust.

We get that, so, we offer you an opportunity to test us out on our dime. Yep, our dime. We pay for boosts on various posts throughout the week to show you what we can and we aren’t spending more than maybe $5.

You’ll be shocked when you see how we can help without spending a ton of money and hopefully, you’ll see how you can expand and grow if applying a little bit more to your business ad budget.

After the makeover and week of marketing, when you like what we’ve done, we share how we can continue to work together to achieve your goals.

We also have tons of case studies for different types of business and we show you what we’ve done with others.

Here are some Case Studies you can check out now for yourself:
1. Cupcake Shop ( just click to access)

2. Pizza Shop

3. Mexican Restaurant

Here’s a really short video that gives you an idea of why we do what do and why we help business owner’s optimize their business Facebook page.

If you like what you’ve read and seen here, Schedule a time to chat here, or
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